Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chapter Two: How Did I Get Here?

Every guy that lived on my block wanted to date me, or
as I suspected, just wanted to sleep with me. I was hated
by most girls because I was the essence of true beauty;
fair-skin, long hair, slender shape, great personality. When
I was in the room it didn’t matter who else was there; I
commanded their attention by my physique and persona.
With my long beautiful hair, extraverted personality, and
long slender shape that was better than any coca-cola
bottle on the market; I drove men wild.

Even though I loved the attention, I never gave in to
any of them. I liked to tease them and play the game of
catch-me-if-you-can, and I must say I played the game
very well. I thought it was hilarious how far men would go
just to get a piece of me. My objective was to get as many
men to passionately desire me, and not give in to any of
them. I got what I wanted, which was attention, and they
got nothing but weariness from chasing me. This was not
my only game I had in my little bag of tricks.

Excerpt from Moment of Clarity

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