Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chapter Seven: Recovery One Step at a time

You may think that you can manipulate people into
thinking the way you want them to but eventually they
will see the truth and will no longer trust you so when
you are trying to reach people, being real and genuine is
the only jester that will stick. This pastor began to speak
about how far God had brought his father, mother, and
him and it began to touch me and my heart to want to be
a better Christian.

He said something that really made me sit up in my
seat. He said, ‘instead of being the thermometer, why not
become the thermostat,’ meaning one of these instruments
can be changed by the temperature and one can change
to temperature. Wow! Never thought about life this way
but this was definitely something I needed to hear because
I would always say that I knew people who were just
negative all the time and I didn’t like being around them
because they were so negative but after hearing this, I
choose to be the thermostat and change the temperature
in the room because I did not like to be changed by
someone else’s negative attitude.

Excerpt from Moment of Clarity

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